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Come to BE what we truly are ~ beyond belief and beyond thought...


With Peter Moses, as offered at the Center for Human Integration, Philadelphia, PA

Through the direct experience of several proven doorways to greater awareness, course participants will become more deeply familiar with their unchanging spiritual nature. Students will be guided in present-tense orientation, chanting, focused prayer, and a variety of simple but profound meditations. Selected readings, music, group discussion and practice will center on the power of being here & now, of feeling the inner energy body, and of seeing the illusion and dysfunctions of ego. This one-day workshop will offer a lasting connection to the innate peace and joy that is our birthright.

Peter Moses, BA Ed., has been a teacher and trainer for the past thirty years. Since 1995, he has successfully offered his Stress Management Plus program to companies, faith-based groups, colleges and universities. He co-produced a seminar entitled Happiness is Just the Icing. Joy is the Cake! Through CHI, he has co-facilitated the chanting workshop “Ancient Sounds for Spiritual Growth.”
He recently authored the storybook The Awakening of Little Me. Peter is also a singer-songwriter and recording artist with two spirit-music collections, The Present and We Are That.

If you wish to have an inspirational speaker, singer and facilitator for a special program with your group, organization or gathering, feel free to contact Peter for more information: 215-233-5795 or at .

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